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What Happens Now

by Peter Leeds

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With yesterday's markets being up over 300 points (or nearly 2%), our latest blog could not be more accurate or well-timed.  If you haven't already, give our mandatory blog, entitled "Worst May Be Over for Stocks" a thorough read.
We expect a very short term rally in today's stock pick, which sits on a mountain of $200 million in cash.
We are slightly surprised by the ferocity of Monday's rally, but as we explained earlier, the market hates uncertainty... 
...and even though the jobs report was awful, it has now come out and eliminated another point of uncertainty.
So far, we think this rally has been overdone, even if we did call it.  We also think the downward slide has now gone too far, which may be part of the factor in Monday'smassive rebound.
What happens now is that this snap-back rally fades a bit in the coming days, but that the remaining quarter of 2015 ends on a strong note.  More money could be pumped into the system, but even if it is not, stocks should enjoy a good few months until Christmas, mainly due to the significant nature of the downdraft over the previous few months.
So, be cautious, don't trust the rallies, but don't panic on the down days.  Overall, the general trend into December should be mildly positive.  We don't expect the day to day volatility to be quite as significant as it has been over the last six months.
Also, be sure to watch for the revised edition of, "Penny Stocks for Dummies."  The publication date has been advanced by several months, and new sections feature Bitcoin, marijuana stocks, and how to profit from investor manias.
Students!  Get your entries in for the second annual Peter Leeds Stock Trading Scholarship.
Everyone is welcome to join our Presidential Election Pool.  We're getting lots of entries, and the campaigns are heating up!