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Latest Blog : Offensive Against ISIS Launched 85 Minutes Ago

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Offensive Against ISIS Launched 85 Minutes Ago

by Peter Leeds

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Have you ever noticed that there are NO ADS on:

  • Peter Leeds sites 
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  • There is way too much unprofessional, garbage pop-ups and advertisements which are claimed to know the "types of things you are looking for," or put promotions in your face which you don't care about.  

    My all-time favorite is the one where you click to close a window, then you have to confirm you want to leave the page.  

    Where's the respect for trusting that a person knows what they want, and has the capacity to find it?

    That's my rant.  On another note, the Interior Minister of Greece said Sunday that the country is, "near financial collapse."  Big surprise.

    Greece has a major debt payment due June 5th.  That is in 10 days, and while much of this is posturing to get a better deal, the International Monetary Fund either has to loan a bunch of Euros to Greece which can not be repaid, or let the European Union lose it's first Nation.

    Option A will be better for all, and more likely, but if Greece defaults, there will be major shockwaves affecting stocks worldwide.  The IMF assistance is priced into stocks, so if things don't play out that way, we get the inevitable adjustment of shares from Japan to Manhattan.

    Iraqi forces have launched (85 minutes ago) an offensive to drive ISIS out of Anbar, which involves Ramadi.  This will just become an expansion of Sunni-Shiite tensions, exasperated by our ill-advised involvement.  

    However, the Iraqi forces need to get a 'W' under their belts, and taking back any territory may bolster their confidence.  With "eyes in the sky" (our drones), they know what they are rolling towards, and if aiming for a strategic win, they will not be taking on a fight that they will lose, which will embolden ISIS, and therefore be counter-productive.

    Many important oil fields are in play on the peripheral of many Middle Eastern crisis zones, and we will keep an eye on developments in all of them.