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42 Cent Stock Pick

by Peter Leeds

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People are often asking for a sample of one of our under $1 penny stock selection reports.  
While we reserve the more recent picks for paying subscribers, you can view an example of one of our previous profiles here.  The following was pasted from one of our trade alerts.
Under $1 Penny Stock Picks (below)
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  • Peter's Personal Trades
There will be more sub $1 penny stock picks coming soon, so if you don't like what you see here, just be patient and wait for our next opportunities under a dollar.
STOY - Spiral Toys  
Recent Price:  $0.42 
Market:  OTCQB
Buy Opinion:  $0.30 - $0.45
Short Term Target Opinion:  $0.55 - $0.65
Long Term Target Opinion: $0.70 - $0.99
Spiral Toys represents the marriage between conventional toys and technology.  Teddy bears which can have actual conversations, stickers with digital responsiveness, and mobile-connected toys and apps which work together in ways previously never done.
STOY is a super thinly-traded stock, on an awful stock market.  However, we do expect their $17 million market cap to increase due to share price appreciation, and hopefully if their toy-technologies take off, they would eventually get a proper listing on the OTC-BB market.
If their business achieves what we believe they could, you can ignore our price opinions as this company could just keep climbing for decades.  Long term, they would be a disruptive force for Mattel and Hasbro, but more likely MAT or HAS buys up the entire STOY company at a good price premium.
There are unlimited "great" stories among the tiniest of penny stocks, so we need to distinguish the ones with an actual chance of success.  Besides the Executive team, and their concept, it really comes down to the financials. Specifically, the income statement and the balance sheet.
STOY made revenues of $47K four years ago, then $256K the following year, then $449K, then $584K.  Expect this sales growth to continue. 

Annual loss is typically around $250K, but they burned $219K in cash in the most recently-reported quarter.  This sounds bad, but it is also a sign of increased spending for promotion, R&D, and greater sales fulfillment.
Balance sheet shows $3.8M in assets, which easily covers $396,820 in liabilities.
STOY needs to drop their "real-world" toys, and focus on their digital competitive-edge products only.  When they do that, this company could soar.
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