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4 Lessons from Bono, Ashton Kutcher, and Kevin Kostner

by Peter Leeds

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With the 4th of July holiday approaching, let's look at 4 lessons to be learned from some celebrity investors.

Lesson 1:  Bono and Getting in Early
You've probably heard of Bono - yes, that Bono, the Irish bloke with the fancy sunglasses who led the band U2.  Through his firm Elevation Partners, he picked up over $200 million in Facebook shares pre-IPO, through the private market for an average price of $4.69.  
While this was an incredible investment from any perspective, it does demonstrate the power to having enough money to back a business in it's "relative" infancy, as well as the types of gains which come to investors who get in early.  Facebook shares traded today for $87.
Want to "get in early" on the next investments?  Well, that's what we can do for you.

Lesson 2:  Ashton Kutcher and Buying What You Know

Ashton Kutcher is deep in the investment game as well, with a focus on tech-related businesses.  A-Grade Investments is a holding company which is partially owned by Kutcher, and through it their portfolio includes Spotify, Skype, Uber, AirBnB, and many modern businesses.
Reportedly Kutcher has done extremely well with his investments.  This is an example of investing in an area you understand, or that interests you.  Buy what you know is the old motto, and this seems to be one person who feels comfortable with the technology sector.
Lesson 3:  Kevin Costner and Patience
In 1995, Kevin costner acquired Ocean Therapy Solutions from the US Government for $24 million.  This company has a technique to remove oil from seawater, which came into increased demand on the heels of the Gulf of Mexico spill a few years back.
This is mainly a lesson in patience, since it took 15 years for the company to become profitable.  In 2010, Ocean Therapy Solutions secured a $52 million contract, and besides the money the business helps the environment by cleaning up after the oil-related mistakes we make.
Kevin will probably get even more orders each time there is another oil spill, which will always be a possibility until 54 years and 44 days from now, when there will not be any oil left to spill!
Lesson 4:  Robin Leach and Proof of Concept
Robin Leach was the host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," and launched Star Search, Entertainment Tonight, and other hit shows.  However, what most people don't realize is that he is also part of a small group who invested $50 million into the Food Network.  Only a few years later, the network sold for $500 million, making this a lesson in the value of "proof of concept."  
An idea is nearly worthless, but once it is proven to be valuable from a business perspective, it balloons quickly in worth.  This applies to TV shows, but even more so to most penny stock companies.  In fact, the majority of sub-$1 shares are based on a business in the early proof of concept stage.  Until they become viable, they are a risk to investors, which the share price reflects.
Those new or unproven businesses which can make the jump to proof of concept are the ones which make fortunes.  A small investment in an unproven company will spike many times in value, just as soon as it shows results.    
Whether patience or buying what you know, getting in early or riding the proof of concept wave, these 4 lessons apply to penny stocks just as much as they relate to big companies.  In fact, everyone can learn a bit from some of these well-known celebrity investors.  You may never land a big movie role, but you can at least trade the same way.  And even wear Bono-style fancy sunglasses if you are so inclined.