Penny Stock Picks by Peter Leeds

All our picks are unbiased and pass a full Leeds Analysis review. This means the shares are in companies which are fundamentally solid, have greater upside potential, and are more likely to increase in value than other types of investments.

Subscribers to Peter Leeds enjoy new Hot List picks weekly, and benefit from full company reports, buy and sell price opinions, and daily updates.

The picks are:

Since the penny stock picks have passed Leeds Analysis, they have a much greater likelihood of being high-quality companies with significant upside potential.

Our selections come from all industries and various price ranges. We apply the best technical and fundamental analysis to uncover the best of the best in penny stock picks.

Penny Stock Picks

Using Leeds Analysis, Peter Leeds and his team work to uncover the absolute best penny stock picks. Their findings are then revealed to subscribers of Peter Leeds.

Every Peter Leeds Penny Stocks subscription includes:

Subscribe to Peter Leeds and you get all the picks, target prices, updates, and guidance you need to really profit from these exciting investments.

Top Penny Stock Picks

Peter Leeds is 100% online, so you get all the information instantly when they come out.

We have the industry leading

Why not see for yourself? Take a look at the Penny Stocks comparison report to see how well our service stacks up!

3 Step profits

First, we find excellent, exciting companies with improving financials and strong management teams...

... then we put them through rigorous 29 point Leeds Analysis

... finally we reveal them to subscribers of Peter Leeds.

All you need to do is take your free penny stocks picks trial to get started instantly!

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